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"Is there anyone in this town you don't know???.... you are amazing!"
— Cal Hackeman, Partner and National Technology Industry Practice, Director, Grant Thornton


Success in the government market depends on intelligence (both kinds) and relationships. Mark Amtower understands the value of both and translates that knowledge into a roadmap for the newcomer and old hand alike.
— Anne Armstrong, Publisher, FCW Media Group

"Is there anyone in this town that you don't know?????.... you are amazing! See you soon."
— Cal Hackeman, Partner and National Technology Industry Practice, Director, Grant Thornton

"Learning Tree International has been working with Mark Amtower since 1995. During that time, we have seen a dramatic increase in our Federal marketshare. Mark speaks his mind freely, regardless of the audience or consequence, and most of the time it's worth hearing. In matters regarding marketing to the government, he is an outstanding resource for ideas to acheive revenue growth and improved profitability."
— Dr. David Collins, Chairman & CEO, Learning Tree International

National Business Furniture worked with Mark Amtower for four years. We regard him as 'the' authority in B2G direct and he proved to be a valuable partner in growing our Government business.
— George Mosher, President, National Business Furniture

"We've worked with Mark Amtower for over six years. At the time he came aboard, Uncle Sam accounted for less than $100K per year of our business. With Amtower's assistance, it is now several million and over one-third of our business."
— Scott Heller, President, National Audio-Visual

{Comments after attending a Mark Amtower session at the Vt/NH DM Group Annual Conference}:
"The best business marketing session I've attended ever!"
— Bill Heyman, President, Supreme Audio

"Mark Amtower is a walking encyclopedia on marketing and selling to the government; I make sure every one of my direct marketing catalog clients are aware of the infinite resources available to them through Amtower & Company."
— Don Libey, Libey/Concordia Consultants and Intermediaries to CEOs

"There is no source more knowledgeable when it comes to selling IT into the Federal marketplace via direct marketing than Mark Amtower. Consistently throughout the mid-80s and 90's, Amtower has provided me and my staff with the best DM advice money could buy. He has his niche and he knows it well!"
— Mark Meudt, VP Communications, Anteon

"I've invited Mark Amtower to speak at over a dozen of our "Federal Channels" training events and he always delivers on the 'reality' of the federal marketplace. You will leave his seminars equipped to increase federal sales, regardless of your current skill level. Mark has an uncanny sense of what works for reaching the federal market. He is a senior advisor to many of the top federal marketers. I personally attend Mark's presentations whenever I can simply because I learn something new every time!"
— David Powell, Vice President, Sales, Federal Business Council

"It's possible that our business existed before Mark, but no one can seem to prove it. Some see him as a pundit or curmudgeon, never realizing that it's only a filter for Mark's benefit, not ours. Once you get past the filter, you'll get the most insightful strategic and tactical direction available in the federal market. If you have ambitions in this market, Mark must be part of your 'braintrust'."
— Harry B Heisler, former GM, Micron PC Government, and former VP Marketing, GTSI

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